Pencils and Practice

I made a tiny sketch w watercolor pencils—still not much good at those…and got a start on the first exercise of the Sketching Now Watercolour Class from Liz Steel—that is practicing watery, juicy and pasty levels of paint…


Drawing Practice

I love ( Sketching Your Point of View Class with Paul Heaston. The first few lessons of this course have you really understanding how to see something to draw it, giving it shading and tonal value to make sense of it—all without getting overwhelmed in the process.

Practicing so I can really jump into Liz Steel’s Sketching Now Watercolour Class, which starts Wednesday.

Sketching Your Point of View Lesson 1 Assignments—a 1-inch sketch that pares down elements and a still life sketch of what’s in front of me…


Washing in Some Color

Continuing to work on the Craftsy Class, Sketching the Energy of Places…I am a bit under the weather, so this is a bit of a lazy job…and my typical impatience shows in the bleeds of the color into the sky (this is not watercolor paper; once done w some of these sketchbooks, i will start using watercolor paper sketchbooks exclusively…I pretty much will always be adding color. I think. Reserving the right to change my mind!!).60837599-4D41-4873-9CB3-136CE893B848

Buildings and Merry Christmas, Mom

This is Parliament Building, Bermuda. I sketched quickly, standing up, with gusty winds. It shows. But the goal was to see the building as its parts without getting caught up in details…I added a person to show foreground and a little person on the hill to show some distance. Okay for a quick pass, but sloppy. Let’s blame the wind.


The other project I am working on is my mom’s Christmas gift. What do you get someone who needs nothing? This year she will get a monthly letter/card with watercolor sketches and news of the daily ins and outs of life. I figure each letter will have four sketches, one for each week of the month, and I can recap each week as it happens. Today, for this week, I sketched Gia on the carpet, as we have had a lot of indoor time hiding from the weather.

What did you get your mom?




Sketching the Energy of Places

I made this another indoor art day—tried to go sit down for a coffee at the local coffee house, but it was mobbed…So I just sketched as this lesson played.

This is Craftsy’s Sketching the Energy of Places by James Richards. I want very much to add people to my sketches and remain intimidated…am sure this will help, so you will see the assignments from class here over the next few days.